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Boarding and Training

The Equestry offers professional, expert service in horse management, training and riding instruction. The barn management team has years of experience in equine healthcare and nutrition. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to the growth and confidence of horses and riders.

The Equestry's goal is to ensure your horse's health and happiness by combining knowledge with common sense and caring.

  • Daily, year-round turnout in small groups on 30+ acres in spacious paddocks.
  • Fields and trails for riding, plus three schooling areas and permanent round pen.
  • 20 roomy stalls in 2 barns adjacent to indoor arena.
  • Top quality grain and mixed grass/legume hay. In season, horses may also be turned out into beautiful, well-maintained pastures.
  • Professional advice on diet and care. Supplements added daily (as provided by owner).
  • Emergency vet care and handling. All medications administered by staff as needed.

    All horses are included in the farm's standard provided services such as worming, farrier, dental and vaccination schedules.


Standard Full Board $500/month*
Special use daily rate (shows, clinics)

$ 25/day

*Prices subject to change


  • Training

    Kate Selby riding Avant, a
    3-year-old Oldenburg gelding

    Horses of all breeds and abilities are taken for training. In addition to starting young horses, at The Equestry your horse can be readied for competition, prepared for sale, and given advanced training in dressage and jumping.

    Patient guidance, generous praise and a positive approach apply to training all horses, just as they apply to teaching riders. A horse's confidence in the trainer and rider is essential. At the Equestry, you and your horse will work together to form a happy, balanced partnership.

    Training (board not included)
    Part Training  2 rides/week             $400
    Full training  4 times/week

    Single Session

    $ 55 
  • 829 South Street • New Haven, VT 05472
    Phone/Fax: (802) 453-4424 • E-mail: equestry@sover.net

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