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           The Equine Dance Company                  

 Summer 2011

 Equine Dance Co

performances at The Equestry

 Open call for riders and dancers--email us!

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Equine Dance Company (EDC) is a unique choreographic company that partners horses and their riders with modern dancers. The work merges the creativity of both arts to develop a focused and playful conversation between the trio of horse, dancer, and rider.

Equestrian Director and Choreographer Kate Selby joins talents with Dancer/Choreographer Naomi Wimberley-Hartman to create dynamic performances. Color, music and movement create a captivating landscape for all the partners. The result of working in this trio is a performance medium that is both intensively intimate and physically spectacular!

Selby, left, riding Hector, and Ellen Miller riding Indius dance with Wimberley-Hartman
at the Basin Harbor Club resort

Clinics: As a fundamental part of their work, Selby and Wimberley-Hartman teach clinics for both riders and dancers. These carefully structured workshops are the foundation of all equine-dance work. By learning body level work, basic improvisation skills, and partnering, riders enhance their awareness of space and time through motion.

Riders deepen their connection to the horse, developing an ability to ride with increased balance, expression and harmony. Dancers learn a greater sense for deep listening--the ability to become more highly aware when moving in partnership. Riders and dancers learn by moving with skilled professionals to create their own choreography. All workshops include skill-building exercises, anatomical information, and motion analysis.

Equestry Equine Dance Company is available to perform at your function! For information on performances and clinics, please email us at

829 South Street • New Haven, VT 05472
Phone/Fax: (802) 453-4424 • E-mail:


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