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Our Mission: Connection and Communication through Art
Send a card. Share some love.
Everyone loves getting mail. We love being thought of. Our sets of 12 cards are ready for you to write a quick note you can send to someone
near and dear, or new and far. Each card features a critter appropriate for the month, season, or occasion.

Share some love! Send a Monthly Missives card today!

Stay connected to your days: Our whimsical calendar creatures will bring a smile all through the year with a load of cute for each month.
Stay in touch with friends and family: All of our cards are perfect for sending a holiday greeting, a simple hello, or a heartfelt thank you.
Sets of 12 themed cards help you keep in touch with someone special
every month of the year, or keep our
Sets of 10 cards on hand for personal notes or holiday greetings!


About the Artist

Inspiration for Kate Selby’s art comes from a lifetime of working out of doors with animals, and an ardent love of nature. Her longtime horse friends, June and Grace, feature in her work along with other old friends both canine and equine, as well as many acquaintances made along the way. Selby lives and works in Weybridge, Vermont with her black cat Coco aka "the tiny void"and her new, surprisingly large pup, Odin.

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1896 Quaker Village Rd, Weybridge, VT 05753                                                     802.236.6349  

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