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Too eager to say adios to 2020?

This year has brought an absolute storm of change and uncertainty to everyone.

And we all know that change can bring on anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and a whole host of emotions in turmoil. Left for too long, these emotions become their own issues for our mental health and well-being.

That is hard place to dig out of, and often we need help.

It's been no different for me and the horses. The amount of worry, the number of unanswered questions is unsettling (to say the least). We carry that with us like a cloak--an aura that seeps both into and out from us. Watch the animals. They are telling us it's true.

Let's all keep a smile, an open heart, and loads of empathy even for the json-mask-wearing jerk in the grocery store, of the driver who wasn't paying attention and just cut you off. Be gentle, even when you want to be mad. Use the moment as a time to be more aware, and to change your attitude.

If nothing else, it will make you feel better to let a tiny ray of sun, hope and happiness in.

I won't mind seeing 202 in the rear view mirror, but I sure did learn a lot

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